Why Doesn't God Just Show Himself?

Know Him, Know God
— b

What does this mean for believers?

  • It means every single thing Christ said and did, must be read/heard in the context of: this is GOD ON EARTH.

  • It means every word we read/hear in the old testament, in some way points to: God is coming to this Earth, as Jesus Christ.

  • It means whenever we are wondering, why doesn’t God just show himself?!, as Philip wondered… we only need Christ’s response: If you see me, you see Him.

  • It means that the God that holds the entire Universe into existence… became a little human being, so that I/we could know Him (and have a relationship with Him).

  • Do I believe this?

What Does this mean for non-believers?

  • I think, at the very least, it’s a challenge, to forget about “organized” religion for one minute, wipe the slate clean, and just ask myself, what if…?

  • It means God is a Living person, not an ideology, a philosophy, a set of teachings, or some force in the universe.

  • It means, religion is nothing more than - entering into a relationship with this person, and we are invited, never forced.

  • I wish you peace with whatever you choose.