...to the ends of the Earth.
— Xp

We need your help.

The best way you can help is first, to - please pass this on to anyone you know. And second, I M Beggar is a completely self-funded, grass roots, reach-out mission, born out of the marriage of years of study in seminary and years of hard-time in the animation industry in Los Angeles.  The singular focus - finding new ways to get the word out: creatively, positively, hard-hitting, and most importantly, accessible to everyone.  

But I need your help to keep it going, and more importantly, I need your help to get it out to more people.  Right now, all funds are going directly to getting the videos in front of more eye balls. Period. Last month, Valentine’s day week, a $300 promotion got the video on Love to over 4000 new viewers.

I only ask for you to consider making a donation.  My appreciation is with you always.  

In Peace,

a beggar.


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