...to the ends of the Earth.
— Xp

We need your help.

The best way you can help is first, to - please pass this on to anyone you know. Second, I M Beggar is a completely self-funded, grass roots, pre-evangelization mission, born out of the marriage of years of study in seminary and years of hard-time in the animation industry in Los Angeles.  The singular focus - finding new ways to get the word out: creatively, positively, hard-hitting, and most importantly, accessible to everyone.  

But I need help to keep going.  Most funds go directly to - ad spend - which means: getting the videos in front of more eye balls (because that is what this is all about). Other expenses include: software licensing, web services, web fees and asset licensing. I only ask for you to consider making a donation.  My appreciation is with you always.  



We really need funding in order to survive. If you are able to support this ministry in any way, or have ideas on raising funds, finding benefactors, etc. please contact us below.

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