A 5 minute meditation on: REBUILDING

... be the palace
— an


  • If I were a house.  What kind of house would I be?  

  • How much work do I put into - home improvement?  

  • Is my house good or good enough?

  • Are my improvements mostly cosmetic?

  • God wants to build a new palace in its place.  How do I feel about that?

  • Do I think God wants me to be unique, or the same?  

  • Do I think God wants to change me into something I don’t want to be?  

  • Who can do a better job at rebuilding: me or infinite wisdom?

  • Do I believe that there are super natural forces that can help change me (grace)?  

  • What is one wall that I put up, that has to go?  

  • What is something about myself I’m attached to that I know I have to let go?  

  • Whose best interests do I think the God has in mind: mine or his? 

  • Would I trust the God of the universe with my house?  

  • What does this mean: give myself to God?

  • Is my foundation built on rock or sand?  

  • Do I make the world around me lighter or darker? 

  • Do I believe God is 2 inches from me at this instant waiting for me?  

  • Do I believe that God’s spirit can, and is willing, to live, in me?

  • God is the divine gentleman, and is not going to do anything without our permission.