Is Christianity just another myth, fairytale or legend?

Christianity was made up for power, control and money.  

When asked, why do you think Christianity was made up? The most common answer given is: for power, control and money.  But this cannot be the answer simply because, It’s impossible. Historically, the church wasn’t in any position to have any sort of power or control (if that was what it sought) until, at the very earliest, the mid 5th century. That’s four hundred years (or more) after the death of Christ.  That’s like saying that the United States was conceived for the purposes of something that will not occur until another two hundred years, or more, from now. 

Without a doubt, there were times throughout history where those in the church did abuse her power, (and unfortunately still do) for control and money.  And It is wrong. It’s also no secret, these are all well documented, and the church admits to them all.  But to say that Christianity itself was invented for this purpose… is not only impossible, but disregards history.  


Do you think he was following a fairytale

So where did it come from?

In order to see why something was founded, a good place to start is its founder and the founding principles.  So if Christianity was founded for power, control or money, we should see indications of that in the founder and his precepts:

Turn the other cheek  

Love your enemy

Love everyone else as you love yourself

Forgive infinitely

Blessed are the meek, the peacemakers  

If you want to be the first, be last, the servant of all 

Work for treasures in heaven, not on Earth

Beware of the deceitfulness of riches

Sell what you have and give to the poor

If you have two of something, give one to the poor.  

Feed the hungry

Give drink to the thirsty 

Clothe the naked 

Shelter to the homeless

Visit the sick 

Visit the imprisoned

Are these the precepts of power, control and money?

We may say, yes, well Jesus and the early church had it right, but the “institution” ruined it many years later.  Then at least we can agree that it wasn’t all made up, and lets save that next debate for another time.

In peace.