eternal life

What's the best thing we could want?

Do you believe in heaven, the afterlife, eternal life?

Why not?  What is that is holds us back.  If we say science: science is not an adequate answer because the afterlife does not fall in the realm of physical science, but of the spiritual. If we say there is no proof, well we are not going to find scientific proof, but if you dig into the spiritual, there is plenty of unexplained evidence found in mystics and saints throughout the past 2 millennial.

What if its real?  How ever we answer the question will change our lives.

Imagine you are dying… 

You know you are dying.  The moment has arrived.  But at the very instant when death comes, you remain conscious.  You are still thinking, you are still knowing, still existing.  The pain, fear and suffering are all washed away in a flood of freedom, clarity, fullness. It’s as if your consciousness just broke free from its shackles and expanded from the little world inside your own head, to the size of the universe.  It seems you can experience everything, as if everything is part of you. But more so, you sense right away you are not alone, that you will never be alone again; you sense an incomprehensible love that knows everything about you.  Though you have no eyes to see or ears to hear, you perceive others around you, as if you are part of them, and they are part of you.  You know them, you recognize them, and you know they know you, and there is no hindrance of any kind in between you, only that perfect love.  You discover right away, that everything is one.  If only I knew this before, you think. And even an eternity, would not be enough to scratch the surface of that loving - Oneness (God).  It’s a completely new way, a different way, of living… and it’s just the beginning. 

Near Death Experiences, (NRE’s) 

You may think it’s all nonsense, wishful thinking, there’s no proof, and once you’re dead, you’re dead.  While we can’t “prove” the afterlife, there may be some clues.  Given our advancements in medicine, med-tech, and our ability to resuscitate those who have suffered clinical death, more and more people have reported near death experiences, or NRE’s.  Now, because of the vast number of NRE’s (in the millions), countless peer reviewed, scientific studies have been conducted and found striking consistencies among them all.    

Are NRE’s real? If so, what can they tell us about God, afterlife, and the soul? A vast resource that evaluates only the scientific research can be found at: Magis Center, NDE’s