Why is sin bad?

While he was still a long way off, his father caught sight of him, and was filled with compassion. He ran to his son, embraced him and kissed him.
— Luke 15:20


  1. TRUE / FALSE: Relationship is the glue to Marriage. Family. Friendship. Community. Country. Religion.

  2. If/when relationship breaks down, what are we left with?


  3. What is the foundation of relationship?

    a. Love (this is what I mean by love)

    b. Something else.

    c. Science.

  4. What is the foundation of my love of [the other]?

    a. Because I’m a really nice person.

    b. Because they’re a really nice person.

    c. To get something I need or I want out of it.

    d. Because of the invaluable dignity of every person (this is what I mean by dignity)

    e. some other thing

  5. The foundation of the invaluable dignity of every person is?

    a. The fact that we are all made of, and from, the same stuff (physical and spiritual).

    b. The fact that we all know and experience the same stuff (suffering - - - - joy).

    c. The fact that we are all have knowing, loving, and good-ness, in us.

    d. that fact that we all are like Jesus Christ, and thus the divine, in some way (in other words: all of the above)

  6. TRUE / FALSE: Relationship, which is the glue, is based on on love, which is based on the invaluable dignity of every human person, which is based on our human/divine heritage.

SIN degrades, diminishes, disregards, cheapens, patronizes, ignores, and/or just-could-care-less about the dignity of the other, and ourselves.

And in doing so, sin reverses love, elevating the self above the other and above God: me first, and… well you hardly factor in to it, unless you can be of some use.

And therefore, sin destroys relationship: with ourselves, with each other, with God.

That’s why it’s bad.

BONUS QUESTION: What is the anti-dote for sin?