IMbeggar is what happens when you cross over 13 years of working in the animation industry in Los Angeles, with over 6 years of praying, studying, teaching, and living in community as a seminarian in New York, and everything in between.  

The goal: to find new, creative, positive, (hopefully) hard-hitting, but most importantly, accessible ways to get the word out to whoever’s listening, not by preaching, but simply by providing choices.

Who M I ?

Born and raised Catholic, by the time I hit grade 9, faith meant next to nothing to me.  After college I worked in Los Angeles for many years, in many industries from design, to toy, to video games, to TV animation, for just about every major studio. A young man with money to burn in Los Angeles, I lived the life of, “I do what I want”. And even though I had all the things I thought I always wanted, something was missing.  

It wasn’t until a series of finely-tuned events, the many (many) prayers of my parents, the loss of the one most dear to me, and living in that relentless tension of: I am miserable, but I make everything appear to be - just right… that I found myself back in church one Easter Sunday. And like a smack in the face of reality - a love affair began.

The rest is a history that lead to me leaving California, driving three days across the country from Las Vegas to enter a seminary in Queens New York, a first ever in the history of all seminaries, so I'm told.  

There I lived, and worked, and prayed and studied in community with countless priests, religious, seminarians and friends, from every part of the world, and from every background (and then some). However, the closer I came to ordination, the more I felt a big part of me was left behind collecting dust.  The part that loves the creative process, the drawing, the animation, the wrestling with an idea and the joy of bringing it to life.    

So I married the two loves together.  IMbeggar is the baby.